The Super Ron Show

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I see you perform?

Although I will travel, the majority of my shows are in the area of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

From time to time you might catch me performing in festivals or other public events. Most of my shows are for private events that are not open to the public.


2. How much room do you need?

Although my show is large enough that it can be seen by several hundred people it doesn't take up a lot of space on a stage. Most halls or hotels provide risers. These risers are usually 4 feet by 8 feet. Three of these risers (8 feet by 12 feet) would provide plenty of space for my show. I also need about an 8 foot high ceiling to accommodate the tripod I use for my strait jacket escape.


3. How long is your show?

How long do you want? For many audiences I recommend 45 - 60 minutes for a show. I can go up to 90 minutes.


4. Is your show suitable for all ages?

I can design my show for whatever age group you may have in mind. For family shows I will include family friendly routines. For an adult show I will leave the 'magic coloring book' at home and perform more sophisticated routines.


5. What do you need set up in advance?

Not much. It is important to have three 4X8 risers set up in advance for a platform show. Otherwise my show is self contained. I will even bring my own sound system so you don't need to worry about the audio.


6. Do you get volunteers from the audience?

(Can you embarrass the boss?)

Yes! (and NO!!)

My show has plenty of opportunity for people from the audience to volunteer. I like to have a little fun with people who come up, but I do not humiliate them. No one on stage will do anything I'm not willing to do myself! Contrary to what many people think, my goal is not to embarrass anyone.  I actually hope people enjoy their moment in the limelight at my show.


7. Do you do birthdays? If so what do you do?

Yes I do! I have done birthdays for children as young as 5 all the way up to 'young at heart' 70 year olds. For the smaller birthday shows I perform a combination of close up and 'stand up' effects (like rope magic). It is a very interactive show and the birthday child (these shows are usually for children) will receive a very special 'magic birthday card' and a Super Ron Show poster as a memento of that special day.


8. What is Super Ron's Bingo and why would we want it at our show?

Super Ron's Bingo is a Bingo game. I know, you think 'bingo' and your eyes roll. That's because you've never played Super Ron's Bingo! There are a number of reasons why you might want it in your show.

Audience participation. Everyone in the audience gets a Bingo card and gets to play a game of Bingo. A generous prize is offered and everyone has the chance to be a winner.

Showcasing your company/charity name or theme in the show. Since Bingo cards are custom printed for each event, company names or logos are printed on the fronts of the cards, and other information about your company/event/charity can be printed on the back. Also, the winner yells the name of your company/charity or any slogan you wish instead of yelling 'Bingo'.

Team building. Your company can use Super Ron's Bingo to make a public donation to your favorite charity and build your company ‘team’ at the same time. During the game everyone is focused on themselves and on winning the prize. At the end of the game peoples focus changes and everyone joins together in donating the prize to the charity of your choice. This makes everyone feel like a winner!