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The House Party

posted by Super Ron    |   November 14, 2017 10:45

Tis the Season to host a House Party!


Planning a house party?  Want to make it a memorable experience for your guests?  Why not try a live show? My comedy magic show is space efficient and can appeal to all ages. 


Top 5 Reasons To Book The Super Ron Show For Your Next House Party…(drum roll…)


1.       Allows your guests to have a shared experience.  This ca be a great ice breaker!  Even complete strangers can have something to talk about.


2.       Encourage your guests to come out of their shells.  Some people tend to be a little quiet and shy in crowds. I know at my magic show some shy people have really surprised everyone.  This is a quote from a customer of mine, “He brought these organic farmers out of their shells and I saw sides of them that I didn’t know existed. “


3.       Make memories!  There may be one or more routines that will really stand out for you and your guests. I can also add a personal touch to my show by customizing it to the theme of your event.  Whether a seasonal party or other special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, retirement, graduation or a promotion,  I can include music and routines to suit the occasion.   A good live show can make memories and enrich our lives.


4.       Keep the children entertained!  Whether you are planning a child’s birthday party or just want to keep the kids occupied so the adults can visit, Super Ron can provide a children’s magic show as well.


5.       Give the host/hostess a chance to sit back and relax.  Knowing that your guests are having a                                        good time helps you to take a break and enjoy your party too!


So when you plan your next house party, consider booking The Super Ron show!!