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Contest Time!!

posted by Super Ron    |   March 19, 2021 15:34
We're having a contest at The Super Ron Show!! The prize is a free online show! Just go to my Facebook page for instructions!


The Magic Rubber Band

posted by Super Ron    |   January 3, 2021 18:43


What People Say

posted by Super Ron    |   December 4, 2020 16:34


The Super Ron Show Is Now Online!

posted by Super Ron    |   November 28, 2020 23:13
The Super Ron Show is now online! A great way to make your next online meeting one to remember! Whether it’s work or family (or whatever!), more and more people are using online platforms to get together when they can’t actually be there. Now you can get Super Ron to perform a live online magic show at your next meeting! It’s a very interactive show where the audience is the center of attention. In fact, if you bring a deck of cards, you can perform some of the magic yourself right where you are! It’s a refreshing change from the same old ice breakers. Rates vary depending on the number of people.


In the email!

posted by Super Ron    |   July 30, 2019 17:45
I recently performed at a one year old birthday party! I got an email from the client today. "Hi Ron, The show was incredibly awesome. Our guests enjoyed it thoroughly and are hoping to have you for their family events too. Gautam and I would like to thank you for giving everyone a wonderful fun time. Meenu"


The seniors have spoken!

posted by Super Ron    |   June 29, 2018 22:41

I haven't done a show for seniors in a while and forgot how much fun they can be.  In the last few years I've done over 20 shows for seniors hi rises, so yeah, I do those shows too!


Attention Great (Or Aspiring Great) Business Owners!

posted by Super Ron    |   March 7, 2018 20:41


So, you’re a business owner and you want to show some love to your employees or clients.  What’s the best way to do that?  Probably by feeding them!


This summer you decide you’re going to treat your staff or clients to the best BBQ ever!  This is going to be one to remember! It just needs something to set it apart… perhaps a live magic show!!


The Super Ron Show is a fun, high energy comedy magic show that gets people directly involved.  Who doesn’t want to see their co-workers, friends and/or family members in the limelight being the star of the show?!  A special theme or message can also be incorporated into the performance to express your gratitude and/or give recognition to particular employees or clients.


The Super Ron Show offers a variety of services to accommodate a variety of budgets.  Make your next staff/client event one to remember! 


For more thoughts on the benefits of a live show check out this blog post on my web site



You Need Magic At Your Grad This Year!

posted by Super Ron    |   January 14, 2018 20:56

Make this year’s grad party magic!  Having strolling magic combined with a short stage show at your grad is a wonderful and unique way to make lasting memories.   

Close up magic routines get people directly engaged in the show and some routines can even be themed towards their big night. Not only does it add a festive atmosphere to an event it’s also easy to do! There are no special lighting or sound requirements and it takes up almost no space. It can happen during other parts of the program, so it doesn’t even have to add extra time! Graduates get to be in the limelight as volunteers and some people can get to keep special magic souvenirs.   

To finish off a performance I can do a short stage show that gets the entire audience involved and celebrates the grads at the same time. 

Make this year's grad magic with The Super Ron Show!




The House Party

posted by Super Ron    |   November 14, 2017 10:45

Tis the Season to host a House Party!


Planning a house party?  Want to make it a memorable experience for your guests?  Why not try a live show? My comedy magic show is space efficient and can appeal to all ages. 


Top 5 Reasons To Book The Super Ron Show For Your Next House Party…(drum roll…)


1.       Allows your guests to have a shared experience.  This ca be a great ice breaker!  Even complete strangers can have something to talk about.


2.       Encourage your guests to come out of their shells.  Some people tend to be a little quiet and shy in crowds. I know at my magic show some shy people have really surprised everyone.  This is a quote from a customer of mine, “He brought these organic farmers out of their shells and I saw sides of them that I didn’t know existed. “


3.       Make memories!  There may be one or more routines that will really stand out for you and your guests. I can also add a personal touch to my show by customizing it to the theme of your event.  Whether a seasonal party or other special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, retirement, graduation or a promotion,  I can include music and routines to suit the occasion.   A good live show can make memories and enrich our lives.


4.       Keep the children entertained!  Whether you are planning a child’s birthday party or just want to keep the kids occupied so the adults can visit, Super Ron can provide a children’s magic show as well.


5.       Give the host/hostess a chance to sit back and relax.  Knowing that your guests are having a                                        good time helps you to take a break and enjoy your party too!


So when you plan your next house party, consider booking The Super Ron show!!



In The Email!

posted by Super Ron    |   October 26, 2017 13:20

I did a show in Camrose Alberta last week and we had a blast out there! I got an email from the client today that I wanted to share.  

"Super Ron lived up to his name as he entertained nearly 200 enthusiasts at the Camrose Resort and Casino. His zany antics had the children and adults laughing. Children and adults alike were called upon to assist Super Ron on stage where he magically brought them out of their comfort zones to offer the audience a memorable performance and a good laugh. Super Ron's energy was off the charts and his performance had the audience scratching their heads in wonderment. On behalf of Camrose Boys and Girls Club... Thanks again Super Ron!"
Rees James
Executive Director
I still have openings in December!