The Super Ron Show

You Need Magic At Your Grad This Year!

posted by Super Ron    |   January 14, 2018 20:56

Make this year’s grad party magic!  Having strolling magic combined with a short stage show at your grad is a wonderful and unique way to make lasting memories.   

Close up magic routines get people directly engaged in the show and some routines can even be themed towards their big night. Not only does it add a festive atmosphere to an event it’s also easy to do! There are no special lighting or sound requirements and it takes up almost no space. It can happen during other parts of the program, so it doesn’t even have to add extra time! Graduates get to be in the limelight as volunteers and some people can get to keep special magic souvenirs.   

To finish off a performance I can do a short stage show that gets the entire audience involved and celebrates the grads at the same time. 

Make this year's grad magic with The Super Ron Show!